Custom Work:
We are happy to quote and supply custom Inlay work. Please supply detailed diagrams (indicating exact sizes and script styles where appropriate) of your proposed designs and we will provide quotes according to the materials selected and complexity involved.
We already undertake Custom Logo, Head and Fingerboard Inlays on behalf of a number of top makers in Britain.

Butterfly Inlay into Ebony Panel
Mother of Pearl Inlay Material
ABalone Inlay Material
Laminate Inlay Material
Alternative Inlay Material
Custom Inlay Work
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Jimi Hendrix - Inlay by Small Wonder
Various engraved shells and materials.

Japanese Figure. Various inlay materials amd engraving.

Various Inlay materials

Section of an Abalone Vine Fingerboard
with Turquoise flower details.

Arab Head
Various Inlay materials

Waterfall cliff and tree
Various Inlay materials

Nude - Renoir
Various Inlay materials

  Part of Dragon Inlay for fingerboard
Various Inlay